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La chronique Album Dubstep intitulé Inside de l'artiste Alek6..



Album : Inside

Dubstep has good image of the root beginnings of dubstep, root anbiante, digital skank and bass (see Skream, Kode9), sometimes a little electro dub and for good reason, among others alek 6 is the second nickname, rather dub of kanka figure of steppa dub for fans of electro dub (fade out - alek 6 - inside -). an album with 10 tracks inspired dubstep, to the delight of dubberzs, and other dubzs fans, for 3 albums kanka (alek 6) distills its well succeeded dub electronica and dubstep inspired many.

One bass dub dubstep electro through to drum and bass and of course rethe steppa dub mix very pcise work and melodically by alek 6 (Kanka said), a new path in creating much digital it s another project (piece --- again - alek 6 - inside ---) ion but found a very Jamaican inspiration in creating these, a more root than dubstep while remaining very regae digital dub, has the image of the production of digital dub reggae london. Inside is why on an album he delivers electronic, synth bass and melodic than the others under 6 are pseudo alek cut for Dubstep amabiante tradiontinnel, no bass chae alek dot dot 6, but the dub dubstep bass and heavy enough slow, not the image of a hardcore fidget and do that now, more tradionnal and melodic, while Infrabass wooble and melody, a work path dubtep friends and dub electronica and for good reason, something that moves you must.

A good album that you must listen and advise Pourre has all the fans of dubstep alek 6 (kanka) we realized an interview during his Christmas tour for the album dub communication, 6 inside alek date of 2010 but does not mean old-fashioned can be appreciated for the summer 2012 evening and chug dubberz! extracts Site Hammerbass For connoisseurs of electro-dub smashing, KANKA name is now familiar ...

But it is stamped with a new project dubstep and a new name as the conqueror comes from dub: ALEK6. More introspective, ALEK6 presents another reading of dub: the first with this album, INSIDE, has slowed the tempo, the bass is hypnotic and electro sounds more than his usual productions. But firepower is the same! Infrabasses tétanisantes, tablecloths captivating skanks carved with an ax, snare incisive ...

The whole forming a structure unstoppable. Throughout the 10 tracks that make up INSIDE, production is mammoth and has nothing to envy the best English out of the genre! But ALEK6 traces its own path, and avoids the paths already slaughtered by others. Because the specificity of ALEK6 is to successfully combine the warmth of the original reggae-dub dubstep to urban environments. In Inside, the atmosphere is heavy but not unhealthy, aggressive sound texture but never cold. Note nevertheless the presence of two titles in tempo which unnerved will capsize the dance floor, the very stepper Home and Station more drum-n-bass. ALEK6 the new name of dubstep!

Par : admin le : 25/07/2010

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